nicity (nicity) wrote,

C/C++ plugin v. 0.8.1 for IntelliJ IDEA 8/9/X

Change notes:

* Major feature: initial support for handling Cpp and C files without switching settings.
* Completion of member names in constructor initializer list.
* Find usages over string literal will find other occurrences of the same literal.
* Completion of macros parameters inside macro body.
* Assorted performance and usability fixes got from dog fooding :).
* Completion / navigation for targets / value references in makefiles.
* Recent find usages action works in usage view for c++ symbols.
* Option to disable multiple definition checks (C++ Project Settings|Settings).
* No absent definition error produced for declaration of static integral constant inside class.
* Leading // file level header comments are folded.
* Fixed bug with broken "Navigate to constant / macro".
* Added IdeaX support.
* Dropped Idea 6 (Demetra) and Idea 7 (Selena) support.
Install it from IDEA's plugin manager
Tags: c++, idea

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